A Bugs Life Event Promises Fun and Education

Preparing a child for Kindergarten can lead to major benefits later on, and the Anderson County Early Childhood Council is putting together a fun night to not only entertain many young children in the county but also show how education can be fun.  The event, which is themed around the movie, “A Bug’s Life,” will not only feature a free viewing of the movie but will also have interactive games to show parents that playing is also teaching.

Rhonda Wheeler, a member of the council and the campus director at the Anderson County Bluegrass Community and Technical College, said, “Play time can be educational for the kids.  When you’re playing with blocks, you’re really doing math, and reading to them is helping them get ready for Kindergarten.”

In addition to the movie and games, many educational vendors will be there, including representatives from all of the local day cares, Sparrow Early Childhood Center, the Anderson Public Library and more.  They will be showing how important it is for parents to help prepare children for Kindergarten.  “If you get the test scores up in Kindergarten, it follows through to middle school and to ACT scores when they come to college,” Rhonda said.

The completely free event will be held at the Anderson County BCTC campus this Friday, starting at 7:30 with the movie starting at 9:15pm.  There will also be fun insect themed events inside the BCTC building including finding bugs, edible bugs, as well as math and science activities.  Free popcorn, hotdogs and snow cones will be provided, but families will need to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets to watch the movie.

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