Saying Farewell and Looking to the Future

Evan Cornett and Benjamin Black

Evan Cornett and Benjamin Black

Two of Lawrenceburg’s very talented singing students will be saying farewell this August as they head to college.  Benjamin Black and Evan Cornett, two of the original founders of the singing group BCB & Company, graduated from the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg this past week and have their eyes set to attend Asbury University in Wilmore.

BCB & Company has been an amazing student cover band, performing all over the region, even as far as Nashville during an international music festival.  The group, which is comprised of all student singers, has been a tradition at many Lawrenceburg events, bringing that upbeat Motown music everywhere they go.

The group casually started seven years when both Benjamin and Evan were in the fifth grade.  Benjamin had brought a Temptations CD that he received as a present from his mother for Valentine’s Day to school.  Deb Arnold, their teacher and eventual director of the band, wanted to listen to it, and everyone in the class got to enjoy the music.

A short time later, the two, along with fellow student Benjamin Pinkston, wanted to go to on a space camp field trip.  Realizing just how expensive that was, they thought maybe they could form a band and create a fundraiser to go on the trip.  With some help from teacher Deb who used to be a singer herself, the three created a lip sync band based on the Temptations music as they couldn’t decide on anything else.

Naming their group “BCB” after the first initial of the three original members, the group quickly took off.  In the following year, they had to bring in the whole sixth grade class to do performances during school time.  That eventually dwindled, but would encourage others like Benjamin Black’s sister, Elishah, to join later on.

By seventh grade, Benjamin Pinkston would leave the group, but they continued to rise in popularity.  Bringing in more dance moves and actual singing, the group would go on playing at many different locations like at the Lexington Legends, the Kentucky State Fair, and Celebrate Nashville, which is an international cultural music festival based out of Nashville, TN.

During the years, they played at countless venues, sometimes up to 50 performances a year.  They even had record label executives approach them, encouraging them to go into the music profession.  Despite the hard work, they said that it never affected their schoolwork, and they enjoyed the experience. “It’s been a great experience. I feel accomplished,” Evan said.

As they look to the future, both Evan and Benjamin will be attending Asbury University this August and will be studying similar subjects.  Evan will be pursuing audio engineering to eventually work in a studio and maybe move to Nashville when he is done.  Benjamin will also be studying audio engineering but will include worship arts and business.  “I want to open my own record company,” Benjamin said.

With the two original students moving on, BCB & Company most likely will see its last season this summer before both Evan and Benjamin start college.  The two, however, have big plans and are wanting to one day produce their own original music as they continue to learn and enjoy their careers.

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