Many Continue to Honor Veterans and Those Killed in Action

Rachel and Jim CatlettKristal and Mallory MooreLouis ColpittsWendy RaineyMichael and Susan Hayes

Although the official Memorial Day service was held yesterday at the Healing Field in the Legion Park, many today, even those from other towns, have visited the field to pay respects, and honor those brave soldiers fallen in action.

Jim and Rachel Catlett from Harrodsburg were at the Healing Field today after stumbling upon it while driving to the McDonalds.  They noticed the flags and since Rachel comes from a military family, they decided to see the memorial.  Rachel, whose uncle served in the military and was killed in action, thought the Healing Field is special.  “It carries a lot of meaning for me,” she said.

Lawrenceburg residents were also at the field.  Kristal and Mallory Moore were paying respects and thought the field and wall looked great after the renovations.  Louis Colpitts, who served in the military during the Vietnam War but was stationed in Berlin, was also there.  “I go by here every now and then, but this being Memorial Day, I decided to stop by,” he said.

Wendy Rainey, whose father served in the army for 15 years and passed away eight years ago, was at the Veteran’s Wall to see the newly created name plaque for her father, Sgt Vernon Patton.  Wendy, who works for Ritchie & Peach Funeral Home that has put the benches in at the field, said, “They’ve done such a good job here.”

But another couple were there to honor someone they never met.  Michael and Susan Hayes were at the field to honor another Michael Hayes who was killed in the war on terror.  Michael, who just recently retired from the Kentucky National Guard after serving for 40 years, always felt a connection to the other Michael after realizing his name was in the field.  “I have always come to appreciate him, and honor his family just like mine,” Michael said.

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