Experience Makes the Best Inspiration

Experiencing the benefits of massage first hand inspired Brenda Sizemore of Therapy in Motion to go into the profession thirteen years ago.  Brenda, who lives and operates her massage studio from her home in the Ninevah area, was caught in a freak accident at her job before going into massage.  Her hair got caught in a motor shaft, causing damage to her scalp and neck.

After her initial injuries were healed, she realized just how much damage her neck and upper body muscles received.  She decided to go to a massage therapist to see if it would help.  Soon enough she started regaining strength in her arms and improved range of motion.

Realizing the benefits of massage, she entered the Bluegrass Professional school in 2003 to become a therapist herself to help others.  After graduating, she started off part time but quickly became a full time massage therapist in 2005.

As her business grew through word of mouth, she began looking for a house dedicated just to her business.  Not finding anything suitable, she decided to buy a great home in 2006 that would house both her business and residence at the same time.

Brenda offers a number of therapeutic systems to help alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, and so much more.  From Swedish massage, to deep muscle, trigger point therapy, and even acupressure, she knows a wide range of different techniques.  She also works with cancer patients and pre-natal mothers.

One of the more unique therapy systems she does is a technique called massage cupping.  Using specially designed glass cups, a slight vacuum is applied while placing the open face of the cup on the body.  As the skin is pulled into the cup, it helps breakdown tissues, drain lymph nodes, stimulate blood flow, and more.  By cupping, it helps to alleviate chronic pain.

Another specialty Brenda offers is an infrared sauna.  She says that through sweating, a number of toxins are released.  Her sauna is also specially crafted out of base woods with no glues so no toxins are released by the sauna itself.

For more information about Therapy in Motion, check out their website or call Brenda at 502-600-4292.

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