Facing Adversity While Living in Strength

Taking and using what life gives you is something a Lawrenceburg resident has done all her life, facing adversity while living in strength.  Megan Webb was born 23 years ago here in Lawrenceburg.  A little after a year after her birth, she was diagnosed with spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy.  The condition causes impaired movement and other problems.

Almost right after her diagnosis, she was fitted with leg braces.  A few years later, she started equine therapy, a type of therapeutic horse back riding.  As she grew older, she attended Saffell Street Elementary and continued onward at the Anderson County Middle and High Schools.

As she grew older, she decided to participate in youth cheer leading leagues in Anderson County. “I just did anything that a normal child would do in the small town of Lawrenceburg,” Megan said.

In her early teens, despite struggling with her disability, Megan started to compete in pageants.  She not only showed strength but won multiple local titles at the Burgoo Festival and the annual Lawrenceburg Fair.

She also won a number of titles at the state level and even two national titles in a pageant system designed to promote more than outward beauty.  “They’re not your typical beauty pageants.  They definitely focus on inner beauty, community service, and public speaking skills,” Megan said.

During the six years of competition, she advocated for those with disabilities.  “My platform was opening doors for people with disabilities,” Megan said. “My goal is to change this society’s perspective on how we refer to people with disabilities.”

Wrapping up her pageant career and graduating high school, she was accepted at Georgetown College where she majored in Communication and Media Studies and held a cheer leading scholarship.  But during her time there, she realized just how problematic accessibility can be as she fought for better compliance with federal disability laws.

Just recently graduating from Georgetown last year, she wants to bring more awareness to the community that those with disabilities are strong and just need proper accessibility.  “We need to get away from the stigma that people with disabilities can’t, because they can,” Megan said. “My overall life dream would be an advocate for those with disabilities.”

Looking to the future, she was just recently hired by a non-profit which focuses on life, health and business in the community.  Called Live Above Average, she is now helping with programs throughout the community.

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  1. She has always been a strong individual, independent, strong willed, very assertive and opinionated, especially when it comes to something she knows all too well.

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