Quick Action and Luck Saves County Clerks Office

Photo Provided by Jason DennyPhoto Provided by Jason DennyPhoto Provided by Jason Denny

Yesterday morning, employees from the Anderson County Clerks Office were surprised to find a water pipe had burst, but with a quick reaction from everyone and some luck, no records were destroyed and damage was minimized mostly to the building’s ceilings and floors.

Ellen Shifflett was the first to discover the leak, which originated from a toilet water supply line in a bathroom located on the main floor.  The shut off valve was stuck open, so Ellen and other employees worked hard to save what they could and figure out where the main shut off valve was.

With the building maintenance person on leave due to surgery, County Clerk Jason Denny remembered where the shut off valve was and directed them to its location over the phone as he headed to the office.  Jason also called the Judge Executive’s office to notify the insurance company and also CDE Restoration to help clean up the water and damage.

Help arrived quickly, and the damage was minimized.  Employees removed Jason’s computer from his office which was flooded and CDE installed fans in under an hour after the leak’s discovery.  Since the building was a bank, the office records were stored in the vaults and were safe from the water.  They were able to reopen the lobby by noon on Monday.

There was, however, considerable damage to ceilings and floors on both the main level and basement.  Chairs and a copier were destroyed in the flooding.  But the damage could have been much worse.

“If it happened right after we left on Friday, I could not imagine the damage we would see right now,” Jason said as he commented on what could have happened.  He figured the leak must have started later in the weekend.

As estimates are being drawn up for the repairs, the lobby will remain open, although Jason’s office was destroyed in the flooding.  He is hoping for a fast repair so work can resume as normal.

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