Graduating Seniors Walk Through Their Previous Schools One Last Time

Photo provided by Emma B. Ward Principal, Bobby MurphyPhoto provided by Emma B. Ward Principal, Bobby Murphy

High school graduation is an event that includes many annual traditions for the graduating senior.  Often at the outset of a student’s junior year, they begin thinking about senior pictures.  Then, as their senior year nears its conclusion, students turn their attention to finals, prom, baccalaureate, and eventually the symbolic rite of passage of the graduation ceremony.  Anderson County High School’s Class of 2016 was the first senior class to take part in what may likely become a new tradition – the Senior Walk.

Earlier today, members of this year’s graduating class traveled back to the elementary school they attended in the district in order to complete their Senior Walk.  Once there, they were able to parade through the hallways in their caps and gowns and visit with former teachers and future graduates.  At Emma B. Ward Elementary, Guidance Counselor Marla Swartz went above and beyond to make sure former students were welcomed back with open arms.  Along with many hugs and high-fives, the class of 2016 were treated to a breakfast, copies of their former elementary school pictures, and a multitude of signs and banners made by current elementary students.

If the smiles on the faces of this year’s graduates and their former teachers serve as any indication, it’s a safe bet that the Senior Walk will be a new tradition for future Anderson County graduates.  For current elementary school students, this year’s Senior Walk was an opportunity to see other Anderson County students reach their goals of graduation.  For some of the elementary school teachers who taught the class of 2016, it was an opportunity to see some of their hard work pay off.  For the members of the class of 2016, it was an opportunity to come full circle and revisit where much of their educational foundations were built.

-Written by Chris Kidwell

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