Celebrating 50 Years Perfect Attendance and More

Capp Turner and David BrownGabe Uebel and David Brown

The Lawrenceburg Rotary Club not only celebrated its 90th year last Thursday night, but also celebrated one of its members and past president who hasn’t missed a meeting in fifty years.  Capp Turner joined the club back in 1966 and has served in the organization as the president, historian, and more.

“It’s pretty amazing because the Rotary Club has only been in existence for 111 years,” recent former Rotary president, David Brown, said. “The Lawrenceburg Club has only been there for 90 years and Capp Turner has not missed a day in 50 years.”

Rotary International originally started in 1905 as a community service oriented organization comprised of local chapters all around the world.  Their first priority was to help stamp out polio which they have done successfully.

Here in Lawrenceburg, the local club was founded in 1916. Through the years, it has helped our town with various projects.  Within the last few years, according to David Brown, the club has provided scholarships for students entering college, given away free dictionaries to every third grader in the county, helped fund the softball fields renovation project, and more.

As the club looks to the future under the guidance of new president, Brian Schulz, they are hoping to offer more scholarships and recruit more members to help with projects.  They are also looking to help serve internationally with water purification systems.

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