Finding Peace and Health in Lawrenceburg

There’s a store located on Broadway that not only carries alternative healing methods but also creates a comfortable and healing atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Called Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics, the store is owned by Pam and Don Giles who both have extensive experience in alternative healing methods.

A few years after Pam and Don were married, they opened their first shop in Lexington, called the Medicine Wheel.  Featuring mostly martial arts training which is one of Don’s specialties, they had a small area for herbs, teas, and more.

After moving to Washington County, they found there wasn’t much of a demand for martial arts and started focusing only on different healing methods.  They branched out into essential oils, crystals, more herbs, and teas as well as offering workshops and energy healing methods like Reiki.

When they moved to Lawrenceburg, they brought their expertise with them and created a shop where many have felt better just by staying a while.  Pam concentrated on creating as peaceful and comfortable area as possible. “I want to create a sacred space,” Pam said.

Pam explained that she has had a number of people walk into the store and feel a relief of daily stresses and illnesses lift while just talking or reading a book.  She said that an older couple one day visited the store.  The husband was experiencing breathing issues before entering the store, but after a short time of just sitting inside, he said that he could breathe better.

For more information about Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. These are two of the most helpful, kind, giving people I have ever met. The knowledge they have is incredible!! Check out their store!! You’ll feel right at home.

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