A Hobby Became a Fun Business in Lawrenceburg

Jessica Seeberger and Patty AdamsonHeavens to Betsy Paint PartyHeavens to Betsy Paint Party

Sometimes doing something for fun can turn into a great new business.  Lawrenceburg residents, Jessica Seeberger and Patty Adamson, recently started a brand new craft business out of their houses, offering hand crafted items, paint parties, and customizations.

Called Nosy Neighbors, the business was born out of a hobby.  Jessica, who owns Toyburg along with her husband Steven, met Patty when her and her husband, Michael, started working at Toyburg.  The duo enjoyed creating crafty items and when the Adamsons moved next door to Jessica and Steven, their husbands decided to get them all the necessary woodworking equipment to make all of their items.

Starting before Christmas of last year, they started making lots of different wood items for fun.  When friends and neighbors started asking if they would make items for them, they thought maybe they could turn their hobby into a business.

Since February, the duo have been selling a variety of items made out of wood, vinyl, etc, even including etched glass.  They also do customization work to make great gifts.  But the most fun is when they host paint parties for adults and children.  The last one, which was held at Heavens to Betsy yesterday, featured hand cut wood door hangers that attendees got to paint while enjoying some tasty food.  The kids oriented paint party features a custom vinyl stencil canvas to allow for easy background painting.

For more information about Nosy Neighbors, check out their website and Facebook page.

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