New Addition for Library’s Summer Reading Program

Although the Anderson Public Library is preparing to move later in the year to start the expansion project, it is promising an exciting and educational summer for children around the county.  The library’s summer reading program is bound to be great fun for kids and families.  Sherry Noon, the children’s librarian, said, “I want this to be a hot spot in town.”

The program will start June 20th with toddler and preschool activities.  According to Sherry, the library will focus more on entertainment for the younger children, including great shows featuring unique animals, puppet shows, music and more (see below for a full list).  All Monday shows will also be featured during the library’s family night program.

Then on Wednesdays, First Baptist Church will be letting the library use their gym for bigger shows for the older Kindergarten through 5th grade students.  These shows are packed full of fun activities including magic/comedy shows, face painting, and theater performances.  The program will also feature a competition where the school that has the most representation of students will receive a free summer reading banner for the school’s library.

And on Fridays, Sherry will be offering a brand new addition to the program.  Because she has such a passion for reading, she decided to offer a free reading tutoring program for students from Kindergarten to third grade.  The children will get a reading log each week and those who participate will get a brand new book, up to four of them, during the program.  Parents will need to register for the tutoring and only a small number of times are available (9:30am – 1:30pm, call 839-6420 to reserve).

The summer reading program keeps getting bigger each year, according to Sherry.  It has focused on bringing culture, education, and entertainment to a wide audience and has been praised by a number of humanities and arts teachers in the county.

This year’s program will be themed on nutrition and exercise, especially for the family project which will focus on making a menu of books for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with winners receiving iPads.  The program will still be at the current library location as the library won’t be moving to its temporary location for the renovation until after the program.


Toddlers (0-2 years old), 10:00am to 10:30pm, June 20th – July 11th (closed on July 4th)

Preschoolers (3-5 years old), 11am to noon
June 20th: Animal Tales
June 27th: Family Time Puppets
July 11th: Mr Eric’s Music

Family Night (all ages), 6pm to 7pm, features same shows as preschoolers


Kindergarten – Fifth grade, at First Baptist Gym, from 11am to noon

June 22nd: Reed & Ashton Masterson Impossible Magic
June 29th: Jim Austin Comedy and Magic
July 6th: Tom Sparough Space Painter
July 13th: Bright Star Theatre

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