Maynard Studios Receives Pacesetter Award

Karine and Matthew MaynardGovernor Bevin, Karine and Matthew Maynard and Shirie Hawkins. Image taken by Pamela Brough.

Small businesses are the heart of every community, and Lawreneburg is no different.  These local business owners dedicate themselves to not only growing their business but their community as well.  And one small business here in Lawrenceburg has been recognized by the Kentucky Small Business Development Center and the Kentucky District Office of the US Small Business Administration as being one of just a handful in the state to improve Kentucky’s economic landscape.

Karine and Matthew Maynard are the owners of Maynard Studios which is located in the county on US 62.  They specialize in custom metal work: all hand forged items including large architectural pieces like stair rails, furniture, and more.  The husband and wife team work together creating these items right on their own property and have personally oversaw installations all around the country.

What they produce is something that, according to Matthew, very few blacksmiths across the country do, as many will use pre-made pieces or only focus on commercial or industrial projects. Their amazing work has garnered the attention of those in the trade, including awards from the National Ornamental & Misc Metals Association and the Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America.

But the Maynard’s craftsmanship isn’t the only area noticed by others.  Their business skills were noticed by the Kentucky Small Business Development Center when they were nominated for the Kentucky Pacesetters Award.  The award, which celebrates small businesses that are increasing sales, creating employment, and producing innovative products, is given annually, and only six were chosen for 2016.

While at the ceremony for the award earlier this month at the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort, the Maynard’s and the other five business owners were celebrated with a surprise visit by Governor Matt Bevin.  “It was really unexpected that Governor Bevin showed up,” Karine said while Matthew commented on how it was great to see him show support for small business.  “All that hard work hasn’t been for nothing,” Matthew said.  “It is being recognized by the government.”

While at the ceremony, they got to see how the other business owners ran their businesses and realized that they were the smallest business of the group.  “It was really cool to see all those other businesses,” Matthew said. “It made me feel really good about Kentucky and business.”

For more information about Maynard Studios, check out their website.

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