Through Life and Death: Helping Those Struggling with Addiction

Mabel Truong, Kelly and Laura Parish, Johanna, Will, Jason, Haley, and Allie Dickerson

Mabel Truong, Kelly and Laura Parish, Johanna, Will, Jason, Haley, and Allie Dickerson

This past Thursday was a special event held in honor of one of Lawrenceburg’s young adults who recently lost his battle with addiction.  Nick Parrish, who was only 23 years old, passed away on April 11th from an overdose after six years of struggling with addiction.  Although his life was cut short, Nick made an impact on this community in the time he was here.

Laura Parrish, Nick’s mother, said that as a child, Nick could relate to anyone whether it was talking with a 70 year old man or a 3 year old in the sand box.  “Nick was the kind of kid that everybody loved him,” Laura said. “He was always smiling.”

According to Laura, Nick loved to volunteer and help people.  Even as he struggled with his addiction at treatment centers, he had a big impact on the others there, encouraging them to stay clean.

He also loved to work, holding various jobs.  He worked for a time at Bourbon Street on Main, but his big passion was working outside on landscapes.  “He was a worker,” Laura said. “It didn’t matter what job, he was going to give 110%”

After trying drugs in school, he quickly became addicted and continually struggled with it.  Through the years, Laura confided with him and learned that he got hooked on pain killers before moving to heroin because of its low cost.  That addiction would eventually take his life on that fateful morning.

But his life would bring more awareness and hope to others facing the same problem.  Laura, who volunteers at the Hope Center’s Recovery for Men which helps struggling addicts, created a special scholarship for those at the center.

Called Nick Parrish’s Scholarship of Hope, it will help those in the center realize their dreams of going back to school to get a degree.  By doing so, it will improve the lives and hope of the many struggling with addiction.

The event held on Thursday night at Bourbon Street on Main was the first fundraiser for the scholarship.  In his life and death, Nick will have a lasting impact on the community.  “He was so much more than an addict,” Laura said. “I can’t express the impact he had on us and the community.”

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