ACMS Archery Team Takes National Competition

ACMS Archery Team (Photo Provided by Chris Kidwell)Coaches Knight and Peyton, Noah Kidwell (Photo Provided)Henry Thompson in Middle (Photo Provided by Chris Kidwell)

The Anderson County Middle School Archery team was in Louisville yesterday for the 2016 National Archery in the Schools Program/International Bowhunting Organization 3D Challenge National Championships. Competing against over 100 other teams, the top ACMS team took the competition and came home national champions of the middle division!  The ACMS team #1 scored a total of 1422 points.

One of the archers, ACMS 7th grader Henry Thompson, scored second nationally in the 3D tournament. He also was 4th nationally in the NASP bullseye competition.

The team, which also won state champions, will be moving on to the world championship tournament next month from June 24-26 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Congratulations to the team and all the students, parents, and coaches that have made this possible!

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