Cruisin For a Cure, 2016 Relay For Life

Last night was the 2016 Anderson County Relay for Life, which was held at its new location behind Main Street on the Lawrenceburg Green.  The Relay, which helps support cancer research and allows cancer survivors and caretakers to be celebrated, used to be located in the Legion Park, but it was decided to move it to the green this year as a way to bring more awareness.  Themed “Cruisin for a Cure,” the Relay was held right next to the Wheels of Time Cruise-In on Main Street.

This year’s Relay featured a number of events and vendors from around the county.  Presenting the color guard and flag was Anderson County Boy Scout Troop #37 and the National Anthem was performed by Men of Joy.  The invocation was done by Brandon Dulaney from Anderson Christian Church.  A special song was sung by Donna Wilk and Patty Ross held a moving testimony of her battle with cancer.

After the survivors were announced, there was a special presentation before the survivor victory lap.  New to this year’s Relay, Farmers Bank and Capital Trust held a contest during the weeks prior to the Relay where residents could donate to see which city or county official would get a pie in the face.  Sheriff Troy Young received the most donations; however, he couldn’t attend due to medical reasons.  County Clerk Jason Denny was runner-up with $200 in donations and got the pie in the face to the applause of the crowd.

The Relay also received a number of large corporate sponsorships, totaling $9500.  These included large donations from Frankfort Medical Center, Commonwealth Credit Union, General Cable, and more.

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