Local Student Creates Farm Business and Wins FFA Competitions

An Anderson County High School student is not only looking to get good grades to prepare for college but has also created a thriving farm business, investing his own college fund to start it.  Albert Taylor Hughes has always lived on a farm and has farming in his genes, being the sixth generation of a line of farmers.

Back when Albert was 16 years old, he decided to start his own cattle business.  Taking his own college fund of $3000, he invested it in 14 head of cattle.  By the following year, he tripled his money, earning him enough to take his business to the next level.

With the help of his father as a cosigner, he received a $30,000 operating loan.  He then took that amount and bought more cattle.  In the end, he bought about 120 head in the three years of his operation, earning him a profit.

His entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t gone unnoticed.  As part of the Future Farmers of America club at the high school, Albert competed at the regionals and state and won both.  He will soon be competing at the national level.

But this isn’t all.  He competed in a competition where he had to create a speech in only 20 minutes about his beef business. He won second place and will be going to state to compete further.  He also has served as a FFA Sentinel, which is the person that greets everyone and maintains order at FFA meetings, just like his father and grandfather before him.

Now that he is 18, Albert is looking to the future.  He is planning to attend Kentucky State University in the fall as a agriculture major and is hoping to work for the state or other ag business when he graduates as well as farm.

We congratulate Albert and hope to see him win the national competitions!

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