Going Beyond Just Items to Sell

Angel Baum

Most of us are familiar with trying to find the right cable or accessory for our electronic devices.  We head to the local big retailer and try to get the correct part only to find it was the wrong one.  But, a small business here in Lawrenceburg has been going the extra mile to make shopping for electronics as easy as possible.

Angel Baum, owner of Brimm Electronics which is located on Glensboro Road, wanted to create a family run business in an area she already had experience in.  Having stayed at home with her young children for a number of years, she was ready to get back in the workforce and decided to work at an electronics shop.  Learning the trade, she became familiar with cell phones, accessories, cables, antennas, and more.

Once the time was right, she branched off on her own and opened her own store.  Stocking it full with all types of pre-paid cell phones from carriers available in the area as well as cables, network equipment, batteries, and more, she made sure her store had the most popular items, with much more just an order away.

But Angel wanted her store to be more than just electronics.  She wanted to make sure her customers would find all the help and answers they needed while trying to understand all the different options in the electronics world.

So she made sure that her and her employees always go the extra mile while helping customers.  Angel even went to a group home to help a 90 year old woman to sync her phone to another device.  She was absolutely thrilled, and it made her smile.

Angel also contributes to the community in various ways.  She has donated a number of TVs and iPads as well as waterproof cameras.  She has also helped raise money for numerous organizations like the Relay for Life, Anderson County School, and even the little league program

For more information about Brimm Electronics, check out their Facebook page.

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