John Serafini: An Unsung Hero of Anderson County

John and his daughter Payton Serafini

John and his daughter Payton Serafini

Small businesses are truly the unsung heroes of any community, helping people as if they are their own family.  John Serafini, owner and pharmacist at Anderson Apothecary, is one of these heroes, working with organizations across the county to provide needed medications at lower cost.

Donna Crain Drury, a member of the LIGHT Center which has a mission to help people in verifiable need find resources, approached John one day about a person who came to the LIGHT Center in need.  This person is diabetic and couldn’t afford the testing equipment to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

John decided to do some research and was able to get a free blood sugar tester.  He also worked with the LIGHT Center to provide test strips at cost so the person could regulate their blood sugar.  He also has given discounts to the LIGHT Center to provide needed medications to other patients.

But this isn’t all that he does.  According to John, EMS workers have been trying hard to deal with budget cuts.  He has helped them stock their trucks and ambulances to make sure the proper supplies are always available.  He also provides medications like ibuprofen and Tylenol to the school nurses, which are always a necessity.

We thank John and all the other small business owners who give of their time and finances to make our community as great it is.

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