Performance, FFA Recognition, and More at School Board Meeting

Recycling Poster FinalistsACHS FFA MembersACHS FFA MembersFaith Lawson, Vincent Garcia, and Ronnie BorgquistTy Slousher

At last night’s Anderson County School Board meeting, there were a number of students present from many of the schools to be recognized by the board and Superintendent Sheila Mitchell for their achievements.

First to be recognized were the Emma B Ward Elementary recycling poster contest finalists and winner. The school held a competition for posters where the winner’s design will be displayed on the county’s recycling truck as part of the new recycling pickup program. Catherine McGrath, Marissa McLemore, Isabella Fitzpatrick, Josue Sierra were finalists and Taylor Hudson was the overall winner.

Next up were Anderson County High School FFA students who won many, many awards (see below for full list). Together the FFA students scored five FFA proficiencies and had a regional officer candidate compete at Western Hills for the Capital City Regional Paperwork Day. They also received a Gold Chapter.

The Anderson Marching Band was also recognized for their straight distinguished ratings at the concert festival in April, which was their fifth year in a row at both the middle school and high school levels. Student Eric Welsh also gave a performance of a percussion piece that he created.

Superintendent Mitchell also recognized the all district elementary chorus that performed last month as a joint concert from all the schools as well as Faith Lawson, Vincent Garcia, and Ronnie Borgquist for their graphic designs. The board also got to see presentations from Ty Slousher, Brylee Briscoe, and Addie Miller, showing off their projects they created during Bearcat Days.

FFA Achievements:

-Taylor Hughes: Superior 1st in Beef Production Entrepreneurship and he is a top 3 finalist for becoming a STAR in Ag Production
-Isaiah Caldwell: Superior 1st in Specialty Crop Production
-Krista Spaulding: Superior 2nd in Beef Production Placement
-Noah Platt: Superior in Equine Production Entrepreneurship
-Madison Cherry: Superior in Equine Production Placement
-Casey Meredith: Regional Officer-Historian for the 2016-2017 School Year
-Secretary’s Book, Scrapbook, and Treasurer’s Book also received a Superior rating (Taylor Cook, Madison Powell, and Noah Goodlett).

-Isaiah Caldwell competed in Specialty Crop Production and placed 3rd in State!
-Taylor Hughes competed in the Beef Entrepreneurship and placed 1st in State! He is now a National finalist.
They will both be on the Kentucky State stage in June at State Convention.

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