Event Promises to Help Veterans in Anderson County and Beyond

Robin Goodlett, Pam Brough, Donna Nicolette, Linda Jones, Joyce Buffin

Robin Goodlett, Pam Brough, Donna Nicolette, Linda Jones, Joyce Buffin

A number of community members are planning an event that has never been done before in Anderson County, dedicated to helping veterans and their families.  Called Stand Down, the event will features resources and vendors from all sectors gathered together in one place to let homeless vets and those in need to get access and learn about all the help that is available to them.

Pam Brough, president of the local American Legion Auxiliary, explained that the event will be similar to the Reaching Rural Veterans program that is held at the Open Hand Pantry, but in a much, much larger scale.  Open to all veterans in Anderson County and all bordering counties, the event is expected to be on the scale of the yearly Military Child Appreciation Day celebration that is held at the Legion park.

Expecting around 30 to 50 vendors including those from the Red Cross, United Way, financial advisors, mental health counselors, job finders, and more, the Stand Down will have everything a veteran needs.  True to the origination of its name, where soldiers in the Vietnam War were able to have time away from the battlefield and take care of themselves and enjoy the company of fellow soldiers, the Anderson County Stand Down will also feature entertainment and meals for the vets and their families.

According to Pam, Stand Downs are usually reserved for larger cities. “Stand Downs are typically held in Lexington and Louisville and are typically held through the VA,” Pam said.  Because it is usually held through the VA, the Anderson County version will be the first of its kind here in the county, possibly even beyond.

The event is currently planned to be held on October 15, from 10am to 4pm at the Legion park.  Volunteers will be needed as the event planning continues (contact Pam at accoc@andersonchamberky.org). “I think it’s a great adventure for us to pull together and do, not just for our veterans but for surrounding counties,” Pam said.

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