Concrete Statues Created a Concrete Business

Jewel Anne Bingham

Located on Alton Road across the road from Eagle Lake Convention Center, Jewel Anne Gifts is a unique store offering a collection of items from concrete statues to boutique clothing.  Jewel Anne Bingham, owner of Jewel Anne’s Gifts, has been running this unique store for five years and works alongside her husband, Billy, who owns SS Carts right at the same location.

Jewel originally got the idea for her store when she realized that no one in the local area offered concrete statues and decorative items.  She asked her husband to bring some of these concrete items home when he traveled.  She eventually decided to buy a load of concrete statues and see if they would sell.  They sold well, and the store was born.

The concrete statues took off for Jewel, and she started getting special requests.  She used to buy a number of statues that were already painted, but one day she had customers who wanted a concrete cat painted in UK styling.  Only having unpainted cats in stock, she wondered if she could get someone to paint them.  With a bit of encouragement from Billy, Jewel tried her hand at painting them. They became a wild success and her children and others joined in and helped paint.

Expanding her business further, she now offers a wide selection of boutique clothing from Umgee and Southern Buoys as well as Tyler Candles.  With her collection of brands, she brings a number of great items that can’t be found elsewhere locally while also offering lower prices than other stores in Lexington.

For more information about Jewel Anne’s Gifts, check out their Facebook page.

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