Large Turnout for Day of Prayer Despite Cold Weather

City Attorney Robert Myles and Judge Executive Orbrey GrittonBryan Proctor, Johnny and Felita GilesAllen, Julia, and Chris ThompsonBecky Hawkins and Chase TerrellJanet CooperJanet Cooper and Alonzo Gaines

People across the nation, including Lawrenceburg, gathered to celebrate and pray during the National Day of Prayer.  Here in Anderson County, everyone braved the cold, windy weather to gather in front of the court house on Main Street to pray as a group.  Despite the cold weather, a large crowd still congregated and multiple people took the microphone to lead the prayers, including a student from the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg.

Many who gathered for the prayer were proud to have the opportunity of having such an event and seeing such a large turnout.  Felita Giles, who has been attending the prayer for a number of years, said, “I’m very proud of Anderson County and the number of people that show up.”

Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton, who was also attending the prayer, said, “National Day of Prayer is a time for us to come together as a small community, as part of the state, as part of the nation, to stand together for what’s right. And, to celebrate our freedoms and Christianity that Jesus Christ gave to us.”

Becky Hawkins, owner of Halftrack Military Surplus on Main Street, was glad to be apart of the event and said,  “We need prayer more than anything.” After all the prayers were done, the crowd was lead by Alonzo Gaines to sing “God Bless America.”

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