Christy Jane’s on Main Officially Opens

Christy Jane Hurst, Jill Hurst, and Olivia Ripy

Located within Sweet Mash on Main Street, a much awaited carry out restaurant officially opened this week.  Christy Jane’s on Main, owned and operated by Christy Jane Hurst along with help from her mother, Olivia Ripy, and daughter, Jill Hurst, is now serving the community with fresh and homemade boxed lunches and more.

According to Christy, she started cooking when she was young, helping her mother, Olivia, cook and cater on the weekends and at night.  Through the years, many people got to enjoy her food.  “I’ve just always like to cook, and it seems like people enjoy my food,” Christy said.

Then about two years, Christy approached the owner of the building that Sweet Mash is located in now, George Geoghegan, about using the space.  Tamara Smith, owner of Sweet Mash, was also looking at the same space, and after talking, they decided to do both at the same location.  They felt that having both businesses in one location would work well together.

Offering boxed lunches and other carry out items, Christy said that all her food is hand made, using a number of organic items and local bourbons.  She has a variety of tasty boxed lunches featuring either a chicken salad or her very well known olive nut spread and includes a side salad, usually a pasta salad, and a hand made sweet treat.

She also features a lunch called a “pimento pig” which has country ham topped with pimento cheese and strawberry jelly.  She even has three different chicken salads, ranging from a more traditional type to something she came up on her own called creamy buffalo chicken salad.

In addition to the carry out options, Christy also does catering, dinners, and large orders.  All these types of orders will need to be called in at 502-604-3321.  For more information on Christy Jane’s on Main and to see what else they offer, check out their Facebook page.

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