Carlisle Brothers Performance Draws Large Crowd and Relatives

Martin Harley and Greg BreedingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMartin Harley and Greg BreedingRobert and Dana Carlisle Goodlett and Charlie Hale

On Tuesday evening, attendees from around the county enjoyed a great performance by long time residents portraying early country music stars, the Carlisle Brothers, as part of the Kentucky Chautauqua Program.  Martin Harley, one of the original founders of the bluegrass music group, Kentucky Blue, and Greg Breeding, founder of the group Brushfire and also 22 year member of Kentucky Blue, played Clifford and Bill Carlisle at the Anderson County Senior Center.

The Carlisle Brothers, who were residents of Wakefield, KY, inspired the beginnings of country music when they teamed up and started performing on Louisville radio in the 1930s.  The brothers performed an early variant of the barn dance format that would become popular at the time.  Their incredibly long career of song writing, recording, and instrumental work would become a cherished link between old time country music and more contemporary versions.

During the Chautauqua Program that was sponsored by the Lawrenceburg Pierian Woman’s Club, both Martin and Greg immersed themselves as the Carlisle Brothers, giving as close to a representation as they could do to bring history to life.  To join the program, Martin and Greg had to compete against 150 applicants and take two years learning everything they could about the brothers, while meeting with acting coaches and costume designers.

All the preparation turned out to be well done as three relatives of the Carlisle Brothers were in attendance.  Robert and Dana Carlisle Goodlett as well as Charlie Hale were incredibly excited to hear about the program and said that Martin and Greg did a great job in their performance.

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