ACHS Students Raise Large Donation for Humane Society

Photo ProvidedLydia Tomlinson, Callee Felder, Allison Albertson, Sarah Preston, LJ Vaughn, Tiffany Powell, Christina Woods, Elijah Patterson, Tracy MathewsTracy Mathews

Last week, students from the Anderson County High School’s Humane Teen Club presented the Anderson Humane Society a large donation after a school year worth of fundraising.  Mentored by ACHS teacher, Tracy Mathews, the humane teen club started 7 or 8 years ago when Tracy was only teaching at the school for a short time.

“I do a lot of volunteer work with the humane society and also with Holly’s Place,” Tracy said.  “Thought that it would be something good to get lot of the kids involved in to have a little bit of community service type stuff.”  Tracy also explained that the club shows the students what really is needed to run an animal shelter.

Tracy and the students decided to try a fundraiser this year to help the humane society, called “Pennies for Puppies.”  Putting plastic containers in each classroom at the school, ACHS teachers encouraged students to donate.  In total, the students and school were able to raise $1047.46 which they presented to Donna Callahan from the humane society last week.

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