A Taste of Ag in the Classroom

Sue LitkenhusJennifer Elwell

On Friday, students at Emma B Ward were given a taste of working on a farm.  Called Agriculture Adventures, the program featured a day dedicated to showing children how important farmers and farms are to produce all of our food.

Jennifer Elwell, executive director of Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom and organizer of the event, said that this statewide program starts off with an assembly where they show the students where all the ingredients that go into making a pizza come from and how important sun, soil, and water are to growing plants and raising animals.

After the assembly, the students get to interact with hands on activities and talk with a number of local volunteers.  Local farmers, FFA/4H students, and more were present to help teach the students about agriculture and local farming.

The program, which has visited the school three or four times, was paid for by the Anderson County Farm Bureau Federation.  According to Sue Litkenhus, District 5 Woman’s Chair, said that the federation has been working hard to get agriculture in the classroom.  Besides funding this program, they have also read ag themed books to students at all county elementary schools and are working to build “book barns” in the classrooms to bring ag books to students.

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