Taking Care of Trees on Main Street and Beyond

Brad Trimming Main Street Trees Last Year

Although owning and operating Court Street Music on East Court Street and passionate about music, Brad Gordon is also passionate about trees.  Before getting into the music business, Brad began working with preservation minded arborists right after high school, learning the trade of planting, trimming, and helping trees.

In 2000, he became an official arborist, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, and has been recertified again which is good until 2018.  During the process he was tested on all areas of tree preservation and care, starting with picking out the right site, to dealing with diseases.  “I really like caring for trees,” Brad said.

Being a certified arborist, Brad gets to work with a number of large scale farms or local government.  He has taken care of trees in larger cities like Lexington and even Seattle.  But, he has also been contracted by the City of Lawrenceburg to trim the trees on Main Street.

But trimming trees can only do so much. According to Brad, picking the right type of tree for the site is very important to what may happen in the future.  Planting a tree under power lines, for example, could cause damage to the lines or would require heavy or devastating pruning.  “It all begins before they’re even planted,” Brad said.

However, trees are sometimes not always given their credit.  Smaller cities tend to not appreciate the beauty that a large, mature tree can have in an urban area or historic site.  According to Brad, a well maintained, mature tree in a yard can increase the value of the property.

By finding the right location, the right type of tree, and given the right soil and conditions, a tree can become an amazing addition to anyone’s yard.

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