Celebrating One Year of Downtown Lawrenceburg KY

It is so hard to believe but exactly one year ago today, Downtown Lawrenceburg KY was born.  Downtown Lawrenceburg KY came together when I decided to put together a Facebook page to help the businesses on Main Street. Having talked to the business owners, I realized that these businesses were great but were struggling because the community did not know they were there.

Over the years, Main Street became forgotten, filled mostly with lawyers, accountants and other offices. Most of the community just drove by without a second glance. I knew in my heart Main Street could make an amazing come back, and all I had to do was get the word out.

Having been on Facebook for over 6 years, I jumped on it with great expectations, but I was caught by surprise just how quickly the page took off. Within the first three days, the page had gotten over 1000 likes. I knew at this point that I was not the only one yearning for a change on Main Street.

I then decided to expand beyond Main Street to include all of Anderson County but always keeping a focus on the downtown district. Soon my son, Justin, stepped in with great vigor. Having all the tech skills, he designed our website, giving our community a larger online connection.  Then my husband, Eric, jumped aboard and became our man in the field, attending events and doing interviews.

So here we are, almost 11,000 Facebook likes, a website, and Twitter feed along with a YouTube Channel, all serving Lawrenceburg with news, events, and stories of our great community. As this new year begins, more plans and ideas are being developed, and we are looking forward to seeing what will be our next step in this helping this awesome community. Thank you everyone for your love and support.


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