Advanced Readers at Turner Celebrated with Trip to Bookstore

Ada MaudeGabriel StrattonDorian McNew

A handful of outstanding students from Robert B Turner Elementary had a special field trip yesterday, celebrating their work.  Advanced reading students from the school have been reading books all year and taking quizzes to earn points.  According to Turner librarian, Mary Anne Mathews, books are assigned points depending on how difficult they are.

Starting a few weeks after the start of the school and going until last week, students racked up points, some reading dozens and dozens of books.  According to Mary Anne, the top 18 second through fifth graders and the top two first graders were given a trip to Joseph Beth Booksellers in Lexington to buy books and enjoy a lunch at McDonalds.  Each student was given $15 for books and $5 for lunch by the PTO.

The students not only had a fun time on their trip but also greatly enjoyed the program.  Fourth grader, Ada Maude, read an amazing 80 books through the year, especially enjoying “The Secret of the Old Clock,” and Gabriel Stratton really enjoyed the trip. Fifth grader, Dorian McNew, earned an amazing 465.7 points, taking the top spot.  “The kids love it,” Mary Anne said.

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