Tanning Without the Sun

Morgan Purvis, Rhonda Michelle Clevinger, and Beverly Simpson

Getting a tan doesn’t always have to involve sitting in the sun or worrying about skin damage.  Owner of Revive Salon and Spa on Broadway, Rhonda Michelle Clevinger, decided to start offering something new to residents of Lawrenceburg.

Instead of tanning beds, sitting in the sun, or spray machines, Rhonda is now doing personalized air brushed tans using a product made from organic materials.  The air brushing allows for customization in the tanning solution while at the same time protecting skin from damage.  “We fit everything for each individual person,” Rhonda said.

According to Rhonda, the system goes well beyond bad spray tans that can turn your skin orange.  The spray is formulated to prevent that while at the same time allowing custom color levels to range anywhere from light to dark.  The process is also rather quick, taking only 30 minutes to complete, and only requires customers to shower before the air brushing and not wear any jewelry or skin products.

For more information about Revive, check out their Facebook page.

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