Talking to the Other Side with RJ Deacon

HeavenstoBetsyMediumLocated in the same building as the now famous Anderson Hotel for its hauntings, Heavens to Betsy will be hosting an event this week that will let attendees talk to the other side.  Psychic medium and paranormal investigator, RJ Deacon will be having readings at Heavens To Betsy on Main Street this Friday and Saturday at 8pm.

RJ is part of a long line of psychically gifted people which includes his mother, grandmother, and even great grandmother.  He knew at a young age that he was gifted when he started seeing people that weren’t his family at his grandmother’s house that no one else could see.  He didn’t understand this gift until he was older.

After learning about his gift, RJ can now communicate with spirits, similar to mediums seen on television.  He can see, hear, and feel things, but much of it comes in ways that have to be interpreted.

“Spirit may show me a can of Maxwell House Coffee,” RJ said. “From previous sessions, I know they are trying to get me to acknowledge a person or pet named Max or Maxwell. Spirit knows that when they show me this I will respond with Max or Maxwell.”

But at times, the connections can be very clear.  “Sometimes I will receive a connection with spirit that is just like holding a full conversation with someone,” he said.

RJ tries to describe everything he hears, feels, or sees to make sure everything is communicated. “They show me these things to help you remember something about them or bring you some type of validation,” RJ said.

Although a client only needs to come with an open mind, the actual 30 minute sessions take a lot of energy for the medium. A single session feels like working 8 hours, according to RJ.

To book a spot for a reading on either day, contact Heavens to Betsy at 502-859-9291.

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