Little League Opening Day Participants Enjoy Improved Fields

Lauren WashJudge Executive Orbrey GrittonGabe UebelAnna Boyles

With beautiful weather and newly improved fields, the Anderson County Little League held their opening day ceremony yesterday morning.  The players and spectators got to enjoy renovated fields and dugouts yesterday at field 1 and 2 at the Legion Park.

“Wow, look at these dugouts,” president of the little league, Gabe Uebel, said while showing the improvements.  According to Gabe, the league wasn’t sure whether they would have the time or resources to pull off the renovations, but with help from many members and businesses in the community, they made it just in time.

Gabe thanked all the sponsors and participants that made the renovations happen, including Denham Blythe for helping with the contracting work.  Among the many financial donors, he also thanked Little League International who were instrumental in them receiving a $10,000 grant for the improvements.

With all the great improvements at the fields, the league will now be able to host the 10-12 year old all star districts.  According to Gabe, this will be the first time that all three will be hosted at one location in over a decade.

During the other celebrations of opening day, Noel Cotton Jr from Alton Christian Church led the opening prayer, Mayor Goodlett recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton led the little league pledge.  Middle school student, Lauren Wash sang the National Anthem.

Two special groups were also honored at opening day.  The American Legion Auxiliary and the 8th grade Anderson County Middle School basketball team helped with the first pitch.  Anna Boyles, president of the Auxiliary Juniors, threw the first pitch and the basketball team caught the pitch.

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