Going Gray, On Purpose?

Jack Clark

Jack Clark, well known hair colorist and stylist here in Lawrenceburg, is starting to see a brand new trend among younger adults.  People across the nation, including celebrities, are starting to dye their hair gray or really, metallic silver, on purpose.  According to the trend, people are finding the color as something unique and gives more presence.

Jack originally heard of the new trend from his distributors.  Taking the opportunity to be ahead of the curve, he went ahead and did the necessary training in Lexington to learn how to use the metallic dyes.  “It’s kind of futuristic movement in hair color,” Jack said.

Specializing in Guy Tang’s Metallic Obsession, he said that the new system creates different textures and sheen that young adults are wanting.  The metallic dyes also come in other fashion colors.  With prom around the corner, this new system may prove to be very popular in Anderson County and across the nation.

Jack Clark is located on Glensboro Road near Lawrenceburg Physical Therapy.

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