Trees To Be Given Away at Ace Hardware

Chris DillonBeverly McElwain

In their annual celebration of Earth Day, Ace Hardware will once again be offering free native trees for the public to pick up and plant starting Saturday morning.  Coordinated with the Anderson County Conservation District, the free tree giveaway has become a large hit here these past five years.

According to the district’s director, Beverly McElwain, there will be six different varieties of trees offered this year, including red oak, Staghorn sumac, white pine, black cherry, Chinese chestnut, and pawpaw.  There will be around 800, roughly one year old trees given away that were paid for by the district and Ace Hardware. “We just want to populate the county with 800 trees,” Beverly said.

Besides paying for half of the cost of the trees, Ace Hardware coordinates the effort to help bag the trees and provide information on how to plant and take care of them.  Chris Dillon, manager at Ace, also lets the Anderson County High School’s Green Club get first pick to plant on the high school’s campus.  “When they come up, it’s going to be beautiful,” Chris said.

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