Anderson Marching Band Receives Many Donated Instruments

Two months ago, the Anderson Marching Band put out a plea for help.  According to Anderson County Middle School and High School band director, Patrick Brady, the band was using all the available instruments for the students.  With more students wanting to join, they were nearing the point of having to turn students away.

When the plea went out, Patrick started receiving responses from all over.  It was shared by the University of Louisville, contacts at University of Kentucky, and by others in states all over the country.   It was shared by hundreds, according to Patrick.

But it wasn’t just shared.  Donations started pouring in from many.  Flutes, trumpets, saxophone and more were donated, some that are worth $1000s.  “[We] had about 15 to 20 instruments donated,” Patrick said.

“Two of the biggest surprises we had were two music companies got wind of the video,” he said. Miles Ahead Music donated a number of brand new instruments while Willis Music donated lightly used instruments to the cause.

According to Patrick, the total worth of donated instruments was around $5000.  “To the dozens of the people that responded, thank you, thank you so much,” he said.

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