Military Child Appreciation Day a Big Hit

Linda Jones, Pam Brough, Cindy CulverCPT Aaron Rozovsky, 1LT Jonathan Strayer, MAJ Mark Sallin, CWA Tony Villierc/MSGT Neo McGauhey, c/A1C Dexter Walters, c/AM Erika Walters, c/AMN Aidon Bowman, c/AMN Sydney Harris1LT Ilse House, 1LT Kay SchefflerKaty Willett, Angie DurhamKai Abbel, Terry OlsonSarah Arnett, Courtney Clark, Alex WardDonna NicoletteMayor GoodlettEma Lee and Tracie Ramsey, Cindy CostaJacque and Malachi Zeller

This past Saturday was a special day for all Kentucky children of veterans and active duty service members.  The fourth Annual Military Child Appreciation Day was held at the American Legion Park as a way to honor and give back to these children.  Led by both the Kentucky National Guard and the American Legion and Auxiliary, the day was packed full of fun events for the kids.

Cindy Culver, Lead Child and Youth Programs Coordinator for the Kentucky National Guard, explained that the day is a way to celebrate military kids as part of the Month of the Military Child, which is held every April.  “We wanted to honor all the military kids for what they do because we feel that they serve just as much as the military,” she said. “This is their day to come out and have a good time.”

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 34 President, Pam Brough, also was very glad to be apart of the celebration. “This is our mission and purpose of the American Legion and Auxiliary.  It’s to support our veterans, our military, and their families,” she said.

All the children that attended the event were in for a great treat of different activities.  One of the biggest attractions were the black hawk and medical helicopters that flew in a short time before the day started.  The children were able to go inside these machines as well as other military vehicles and talk with active duty servicemen.

The fun didn’t end there.  They also were free pizzas, drinks and more as well as face painting and pony rides.  They also got to create “wax hands” where military personnel and their children get to dip their hands in warm wax while holding hands to create a way to show their child’s hand inside their own.

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