City Restructures Business License

32505417_lAttention all business owners and entrepreneurs in Lawrenceburg: During Monday night’s city council meeting, the council approved a new city business license system.  Originally discussed during a specially called meeting in February along with a first reading of the ordinance in March, the new license will be based off of the number of employees a company has versus what type of business conducted.

From the February meeting, city clerk, Robbie Hume, explained that the original business license system was considerably complex, charging all different amounts depending on what the business did.  He noted a number of complaints from business owners about its unfairness.

The new license is now setup similarly to the county system.  The city is hoping that this will allow the county and city to one day create a combined licensing scheme so business owners don’t have to acquire both.

The fees for the new license are $65 for 1 employee, $200 for 2 to 5 employees, $400 for 6 to 25 employees, $700 for 26 to 100 employees, and $1000 for 101 employees or more.  There are a number of exemptions and clarifications to this, however.  Sole owners or proprietors are considered employees while farmers or farm laborers are not.

A number of business activities are also exempt from the license including yard sales held on the premises or in state wide recognized tourist events (127 yard sale), sales of locally grown agricultural products, and a number more.  For non exempt activities that are transient, the city will also offer interim licenses for $25 for a three day period.

For more information about the new business license, please contact city hall.

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