Making Lawrenceburg Beautiful to Win Nationally

Joey Carbajal

Joey Carbajal

As downtown Lawrenceburg is getting nicer every passing month, Joey Carbajal from Carbajal Garden Center is working on trying to get Lawrenceburg on the map for the America in Bloom National Awards Program.  According to Joey, the program helps communities that are beginning to beautify their downtowns.

At the city council meeting this Monday, Joey explained how the program works to the council members.  Two judges will be staying in Lawrenceburg from June 16-17 and will be taken on a tour of the town.  They’ll be shown all the amazing work done downtown, and they’ll judge it on six different criteria, including floral arrangements and urban canopy.  They’ll then write up a report documenting the work done and have further recommendations.

At the end of the year, there will be a national awards ceremony.  According to Joey, Lawrenceburg is competing with three other cities of a similar size.  Through the city’s participation, they will receive a sign and a marker on the national map on the America in Bloom website.

To make this happen, Carbajal Garden Center and a number of other businesses have already paid for the $1000 application fee, which goes to travel expenses for the judges.  They will also be organizing volunteers across different organizations like garden clubs, Rotary Club, Boy Scouts and more to make Lawrenceburg as great as possible before the judges arrive.  “We can definitely make Lawrenceburg more beautiful,” Joey said.

Joey also said that other Kentucky cities have been participating in the program.  Lexington has been competing in their city class size since 2008 and have won multiple awards.  He said that this kind of project can be beneficial in drawing more tourism and building strong community pride.

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