Ideas and Plans for This Year’s Burgoo

Larry Simpson

Larry Simpson

Last year’s Burgoo Festival featured a new setup where the vendors were lined up in the middle of Main Street, giving space on both sides to allow more access and vision for the new businesses on Main Street.  However, due to falling attendance and complaints from the festival vendors, there has been questions on the festival’s future.

At Monday’s night city council meeting, Larry Simpson from the Burgoo Festival Committee addressed the council about the issues arising with the festival.  According to Larry, the committee wasn’t sure whether the festival would actually happen this year.

The vendors at the festival had a number of complaints with the new setup, especially with the number of restrictions during setup and breakdown.  Because the tents were centered in the street, they no longer had easy access during setup to move products and items to and from their booth locations.

According to Larry, there are also other competing festivals in other towns on the same weekend.  He has found that vendors would rather go to those festivals with easier rules and more general attendance.  He indicated that he wants to try to make the Burgoo Festival more attractive to the vendors again with possibly moving the tents back to sidewalk edge.

A number of downtown merchants, however, are in disagreement with this idea.  With much of Main Street occupied by new businesses, they collectively feel that having the tents in front of the stores hinders their businesses.  Although the businesses did have the priority to take the booth spots in front of their locations, many chose not to, possibly because of relevancy and cost.

Mayor Sandy Goodlett said that the Burgoo Committee is working much more closely with the city this year, trying to find a way to improve the festival and find a workable plan for the established downtown merchants.  City Clerk Robbie Hume said they are working on a new vendor placement map that will hopefully please everybody.

As the city and the committee work on a new solution, what do the residents of Lawrenceburg feel to best revitalize the festival without hurting downtown businesses?

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