Passion for Others Leads Local Family to Honduras

Moving to another country is a challenge to most, but moving to a central American country is an act of love.  Steve and Alissa Rose, both Lawrenceburg natives who grew up here, took a trip to Honduras in October 2010.  Visiting friends who have a mission organization there, called Sparrow Missions, they fell in love with the country.

Going back every 6 months, they began to see how they could help the people there.  They found that practically all schools for children were not public and had to be paid for by families and even the government for orphans.  When the government ran out of money, they stopped paying for education for the orphans and the Rose’s found so many orphans becoming adults without any training at all, even simple life skills.

Many can’t read and barely speak the language, and without these basic skills, most are destined to become part of the drug trade, prostitution or homeless. So in 2013, they began to seriously plan about moving there and opening a transitional home for orphaned young adult girls to help teach them basic life skills, spiritual guidance, and vocational skills.  They also partnered with a registered nurse from Montana, Jami Harrington, who will be teaching a medical program.

Last June, the Roses and their four children, 14 year old Katelyn, 9 year old Kenzie, 3 year old Gabriel, and 2 year old Kiera, took the plunge and moved permanently to Honduras and did 7.5 months of language training.

Renting a home, the family began adjusting to the different culture.  Although practically every American fast food restaurant has a location there, the Roses found the cost to be extremely prohibitive.  They’ve had to be rather creative in making American style food out of less expensive local food.

They’ve said that the differences in culture have made a great impact on their children.  Steve said that they are experiencing a different cultures and seeing how life works in other countries.  “It’s a great opportunity for our kids,” Steve said.  For schooling, while the oldest Katelyn is working on Kentucky high school requirements via an online process, Alissa is homeschooling the other three.

Currently, the family is back in Lawrenceburg while staying with family.  While here, they are fundraising for their transitional home.  They calculated that to help four young adults in their one year program, it would cost around $24,000 for rent, electricity, water, and food.  They currently have about 30% already raised.

Once they have enough raised, they will be heading back to Honduras in the Fall.  Once there, they won’t be able to come back for at least a year as they can’t leave their students alone.  So they’re taking this time now as well to visit with family before starting their amazing mission.  Eventually, they hope to purchase land near the Sparrow Mission, which is like an orphanage, and build their own home to house their loving project.

For more information about the Rose’s mission, check out their website or for donations, their fundraising page.

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