Anderson County Volunteers Praised at Luncheon

From left: Amanda Maude, Jacque Zeller, Steve Carmichael, Opal PhillipsCAL Praise BandMayor GoodlettJudge Executive Orbrey GrittonState Representative James TiptonBetsy McIlvoyTom and Ann HarperCAL Principal, Sandra BowmanState Representative James Tipton and Mackenzie Morris

This afternoon, the Anderson County Senior Center hosted a luncheon in appreciation of all of Anderson County’s amazing volunteers.  Together with the Anderson Community Education Center, the luncheon was planned by Opal Phillips, volunteer coordinator at the senior center, and Jacque Zeller, community education director.

“We could not do what we do without our volunteers in the community,” Jacque said while discussing the many volunteer efforts across the county.  Opal also said that she wanted to celebrate all the many volunteers at the center that help seniors by using their own cars to deliver meals or drive them to doctor’s appointments and those who send cards to seniors or help them with their homemaking. “This is a loving community that comes together to find out what the needs are and then we try to fulfill those,” Jacque said.

Appreciation went far and wide today at the luncheon.  Music was provided by the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg’s Praise Team along with Kellar Casiola, and food was donated by Wal-mart for the occasion.  Local politicians were also present, giving praise to everyone attending the meal.  “Looking for a word to bring today: Hero,” Mayor Sandy Goodlett said.

Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton and State Representative James Tipton were also present.  “I am surrounded today by a group of individuals that have volunteered the majority of their life and efforts, and you are to be commended,” Judge Gritton said.  State Representative Tipton also honored the crowd of volunteers, “When you think about volunteers in the community, you are the heart of this community.”

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