Mentoring a Student Through Years of Wisdom

Photo Provided

Photo Provided

As we live life, we all learn wisdom and knowledge that students growing up would greatly benefit from.  The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Trailblazers is a program that brings older citizens and students from kindergarten to 12th grade together to help mentor and tutor the next generation.  The program, which is funded by a federal grant from the Corporation for National & Community Service, has had over 10,000 volunteer hours since 2011 for the Anderson, Clark, Scott, and Woodford County programs.

The Anderson County RSVP program is a partnership of the United Way of the Bluegrass and Senior Corps family of programs.  Seniors and older adults, looking to help students, sign up for the program, and after a short training session, they work with students at the schools (or even adults working on a GED) tutoring and mentoring them on subjects that are difficult for them.  Directed by either an individual teacher or program coordinator, they help pair the volunteers with specific training and skills with the students who would benefit the most. They work with the curriculum of the school, ensuring the volunteer effort has the greatest impact.

Volunteers are needed throughout the year and the Anderson County Senior Center is serving as a station partner for programs outside the schools.  To sign up for volunteering, contact Gary Cremeans from the United Way of the Bluegrass at (859) 977-7387 or  You can also sign up online at  For more information about the program, check out their website.

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