Staying Healthy Through Movement at the Senior Center

The Anderson County Senior Center not only provides great fellowship for senior citizens in the county but also a way for adults of all ages to help maintain their health and strength.  Jenny Howard Owen, a registered and certified yoga instructor, has been offering free yoga classes at the senior center for several months.  According to Jenny, the classes have been a great addition to the center, offering a way to help seniors and younger adults feel better.

The classes consist of simple body movements, designed to maintain range of movement and provide relaxation. “Many of [the participants] tell me that just moving their joints a little bit, getting a little more stretching, getting a little more breath in the deep breathing that we use with the yoga practice allows them better sleep, allows them to feel a little more relaxed at the end of the practice, and allows them greater mobility,” Jenny said.

Jenny also said that the classes are beneficial for adults of all ages.  By lifting and stretching to the full range of motion helps keep that movement for the rest of one’s life.  Especially with seniors, according to Jenny, she finds that the more they move, the more they are able to move.

The one hour yoga classes are held at the senior center on Mondays at 8:30am and Wednesdays at 1pm.  They are open to all adults, not just members of the center and only require a yoga mat and bottle of water.

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