Saving Our Students Receives Help from California Organization

Saving Our Students is the new Anderson County High School organization that has been recently created by members of the Anderson County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy, Downtown Lawrenceburg KY, and students of the school to help prevent drug and substance at the school and beyond into the district.  And, thanks to the generosity of the Foundation For A Drug-Free World (FFADFW), whose founders and leaders believe that there is a need for education in the fight against drugs among youth, Anderson County youth will have the opportunity for “the best possible preparation for life–a life free of drugs” (FFADFW’s Guide to Contents).

The FFADFW has provided free educational materials to Anderson County’s SOS (Saving Our Students) & ASAP (Agency for Substance Abuse Policy) to provide more education about drugs. FFADFW states in their introductory letter for “The Truth About Drugs” that “Studies suggest that young people who haven’t taken drugs by the age of 21 are unlikely to ever start. Education is the key–teaching kids the truth about drugs as early as possible.”

The program’s educator’s guide, student booklets series/packets, DVD, PSAs, educational posters, and other materials were all provided free by Foundation For a Drug-Free World.  FFADFW’s program, “The Truth About Drugs Education” will be used in the Fall of 2016 as a SOS project in studying the program’s 18 lessons for preparation in teaching as many youth as possible via SOS Youth Coalition & ASAP about being drug-free within our schools & community.

Drawing upon over 25 years of experience in drug education, FFADFW provides educational materials to law enforcement officers, health professionals, educators, counselors, and many others from its Los Angeles, CA Foundation. Questions are answered like: Why is drug education necessary? Why do people take drugs? How do drugs work? How do drugs affect the mind? Lessons of the program include the truth about marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth and methamphetamine, inhalants, heroin, LSD, prescription drug abuse, painkillers, most commonly abuse drugs, and putting the truth about drugs to use.

Upon completion of the lessons within this program, members of the SOS Youth Coalition will be available for teaching the material to anyone of any age who is willing to learn more about drugs & the devastation of their use. For it is through continuous education that our community can ever have hope of being saved from today’s drug use epidemic.

Donna Crain Drury-Written by Donna Crain Drury, AC-ASAP Coordinator

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