Lawrenceburg: A Community that Helps and Serves

Jacque Zeller

Jacque Zeller

Lawrenceburg is a remarkable community.  This community is more than just stores, houses, and schools.  It’s filled with people, people who care and are willing to help others in need.

Next Friday, April 15th, will mark the third annual Anderson County Community Service Day.  Originally conceived by Jacque Zeller from the Anderson Community Education Center and Opal Phillips from the Anderson County Senior Center, the community service day is all about serving and helping organizations, families, and even individuals across the county.

It’s taking the idea of random acts of kindness and bringing it out to an entire county’s residents, all coming together to show they care for each other.    Whether it’s cleaning a cage at the humane society, installing a bench at the county park, or working on landscaping at the Adult Learning Center, the day will be full of residents from students to seniors giving back to the community. “Everyone can do a little bit of a random act of kindness for someone,” Jacque said.

Now in its third year, the community service day started as just an idea between Opal and Jacque.  Opal said while talking to Jacque that wouldn’t it be great if there was a day where everybody served each other and did a random act of kindness.

Thinking more about it, Jacque went back to her office at the Anderson Community Education Center and decided to contact then Lawrenceburg Mayor, Edwina Baker.  She created the first service day and under Mayor Sandy Goodlett, it would become set for the third Friday of every April in the following year.  During the second year, the day grew more popular and is expected to be even larger this year.

On Tuesday, April 12th, at noon at the senior center, there will be an information kickoff and luncheon to help coordinate the efforts before Friday.  Then on Friday, many will come together to help at various locations around the county.

Below is a list of organizations in need of volunteer help.  But help is needed far and above the short list and Jacque is encouraging everyone to find someone or an organization where you can be of service.  “It’s all of us serving each other in Anderson County,” Jacque said.

Suggested List of Organizations in Need of Help

127 Ministries-Bryan Proctor
America Legion/ Healing Field-Bobby & ShirleyThornberry or Pam Brough
Anderson Adult Learning Center-Jacqueline Zeller
Anderson County Head Start-Tammy Moore
Anderson County Historical Society-Cleanup and maintenance to the
History Museum**Huge Need!-Bill Bryant
Anderson County Parks and Recreation-Need Cleanup Volunteers-Kenton Bottoms
Anderson County Recovery-Kim Black
Anderson County Roads-Need Cleanup Volunteers-
Anderson County Senior Citizen Center-Steve Carmichael or Opal Phillips
Anderson Humane Society-Donna Callahan
Avenues for Women-Serving Anderson County-Julie Dodson
Backpack Buddies Program-First Christian Church-Jodie McGrath
Bluegrass Community Action-Laura Steiner
CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children-Ginny Smith or Sue Ritchey
Family Resource Centers-Anderson County Schools-Barbara Basham
Heritage Hall Nursing Home-LaDonna Smith
Lawrenceburg City Park-Need Cleanup Volunteers-Judge Orbrey Gritton or Cheryl Peach
LIGHT Center-Donna Drury
Open Hands Community Pantry-Food, Volunteers, and Com. Service-David Montgomery
Second Blessings Clothes Closet-Cindy Couch
Sparrow Early Childhood Center-Janice Meredith
Sunset Hill Men’s Home-Mildred Goodlett, Director
The Salvation Army-Misty Seitz
**If you are interested in helping one of these organizations for your community service project, please call the Anderson Community Education office at 839-3754 for contact information.

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