CASA To Host Annual “Boot Drive” Fundraiser

Removing a child from an abusive home is just one step to improving their lives, and the organization dedicated to advocating on these children’s behalf is in need itself to keep helping.  The Court Assisted Special Advocate (CASA) program is a largely volunteer organization that steps in when a child is abused.  The volunteers work to make sure that targeted wrap around services are in place when a child is moved to alternate care providers like foster care or relatives.  These services insure that the child thrives during this stressful time.

However, according to the state director of the Kentucky CASA Network, Andrea Burns, there has been a substantial rise in child abuse cases, and CASA, which is only present in a third of Kentucky counties, could only help with less than 20 percent of the cases.  This is an unfortunate statistic as children with CASA volunteers not only perform better in school, but they also are less likely to be moved around to other care providers and more than 90 percent don’t reenter the child welfare system once they find a permanent placement.

Unlike similar systems in 43 other states, Kentucky CASA is largely funded only by donations, fundraisers, and competitive grants.  The state government does not provide any direct funding.  This leaves CASA in a rather precarious situation of providing much needed services to these abused children while not being able to reach all of them due to lack of funds.

To help fund the program, CASA will be hosting a fundraising event across the county.  On Saturday, April 9th, from 10am to 1pm, there will be a “Boot Drive” at different locations around the county, including Walmart, Kroger, ACE Hardware, and Tractor Supply, to help raise funds.  Volunteers will be collecting donations using “firefighter” boots on Saturday to help CASA and the children.

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