Monthly Message from Anderson County Senior Center: April 2016

seniorlogoI woke up this morning. That may not be earth shattering news for most of us but I must say that i was especially thankful. Sometimes I find myself thinking about all the things that I don’t have or the things that don’t work the way they used to years ago. I lose track of some of the simpler parts of life. I woke up this morning. That sure beats the alternative. My eyes opened on time, I was still breathing and had a pulse, and I managed to put one foot in front of the other just like I have for several years. Because of that, got to see the sun come up, visited briefly with my family, and joyed a smooth, quiet ride to work in my little white ’07 Chevy truck. On top of that, I have a job that I truly enjoy and I am surrounded by absolutely wonderful people, who, just like me, are blessed to have a job where they get to work with each of you. Does life really get much better than that? Too often lately I’ve found myself complaining about things that, in the bigger picture of life, don’t really matter all that much. I can’t remember everything that used to come to me instantly. My knee still gives me trouble and the costs of everything I go to buy seem to be a lot higher. I wonder why the kids don’t call more often? Sure, those things are likely to still bother me a little but the truth is I have a lot for which I can be thankful each and every day. My guess is that all of us could say the same thing. Perhaps we would be all better off reminding ourselves that there are others who are facing far greater challenges than we are, some of them a matter of life or death. When we do that, our own problems or concerns will pale by comparison. For me personally, I’m going to try to invest more of my life in what I’m blessed with rather than what time or life may have slowly taken away. Really, it’s all about attitude and I’m going to work on mine.

Have a wonderful month of April!! Live it in a thankful, “glad to be here” kind of way. Remember, like me, you too, “woke up this morning.” Respectfully, Steve and your Senior Center staff “The greatest act of faith some days is simply to get up and face another day.” (Amy Gatliff) “Remember, man does not live by bread alone; sometimes he needs a little buttering up.” (John Maxwell)


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