Helping Those Who Help Children With Disabilities With Fundraiser Event

A local family is not only bringing awareness to childhood disabilities but also helping others with an event planned this Friday.  A number of years ago, Geri Sipe was devastated when her young daughter, Kaylee, was diagnosed with a rare disorder, called hemimegalencephaly.  The disorder causes one hemisphere of a developing brain to grow larger than the other which in turn causes seizures and epilepsy.

During the subsequent years, Kaylee has been fighting with numerous problems caused by the disorder.  However, with help from the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies in Louisville, Kaylee has been making progress and is currently attending Sparrow Early Childhood Center.

The Kids Center is a special organization dedicated to helping children with various disabilities and needs, including Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and more.  It helps them discover their abilities and provide various physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

According to Geri, the Kids Center has been instrumental in helping Kaylee, and because of the help, she wants to give back.  Called Team Krazee for Kaylee, the group will be putting together a silent auction and vendor event at the Lawrenceburg Green this Friday from 5-9pm.

The event will feature music by Pennies & Roses and Sunset Blonde along with dinner by Hill of Beans BBQ.  It will also include over 20 vendors like Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Mary Kay, and more.

For more information about the Kids Center, check out their website, and for Krazee for Kaylee, check out their Facebook page.

(Photos provided.)

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