City Clean-Up Days Announced

The following is the tentative schedule for the Lawrenceburg Clean-Up Days trash pickup.  The pickup will allow residents to get rid of items that normally would not be accepted or would cost more to dispose of during normal trash pickups.

​The City of Lawrenceburg will only be picking up materials that the Garbage Collector does not normally pick up without an additional charge.  Items NOT collected are limbs, yard waste, lumber, paint containers, tires or any hazardous materials.  White goods including washers, dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, light metal, etc., should be placed in a separate area.  These items will be picked up for recycling and not disposed of at the landfill. Your cooperation in having materials at the curbside during the days scheduled for your area will be greatly appreciated.  Once an area has been covered, the next area will be picked up and there will not be a repeat of any area.
​Any questions concerning pick-up please call Noal Cotton at (502) 680-1007 or Thomas Day at (502) 680-0517.

April 18 – 19 All streets north of Woodford Street: Thoroughbred Estates, Indian Hills, Hunter Ridge, Peachtree Estates, Mac, Joy, Dudley, Mike, Louis, Kathy, David, Edgewood, Ravenwood, Pinewood Ct, Walker Ln., Linden, Bell, Robin, , Center, Diamond, Hickory, Poplar, Holly, Dogwood, Ash, Ballard, Cardinal, Dove, Dan, Feland, Hamlin Way, Bluebird Ct., Corn’s Trailer Park, Village Trailer Park, Eagle, Hummingbird, Cardinal, Indian Tr., Nathan Way, and all other streets in the area

April 20 – 21 East Woodford Street and all streets south of East Woodford Street and east of Main Street: StoneyBrook Subdivision, East Woodford, Court, Bush, Bond and Lillard, Gatewood, Lincoln, Gill, Hayden, Washington, Maple Ct., Factory, Waterfill, Vanarsdale, Coleman, and all other streets in the area

April 25-26 South Main Street and all streets west of Main Street between and including West Woodford and north side of West Broadway: Whitney, Scott, Forrest, West End, Lynn, Ripy, Horn, Witherspoon, Chautauqua, and all other streets in the area

April 27-28– South Main Street and all streets between Carlton Drive and West Broadway including south side of West Broadway: Champions, Silverleaf, Greenview, Kirkwood, Tahoe, Alta, Shady Ln., Sunset, Aspen, Park Ln., Gailane, Djeddah, Donna, Plum, Suzanne, Evergreen, Village, Morningside, Meriwether, Walnut, Highland, Elm, Lois, Kay, and all other streets in the area

May 2- 3 – Carlton Drive and all street south of Carlton Drive: Stonecrest, The Meadows, Tara Way, Twelve Oaks, Scarlet, O’Hara, Oakwood, Jean, Peach, Grant, Robbie, Jennifer, Marcia, Sheila, Lakeview, Pine, Maple, Sharon, Wendy, Ashley Way, Bonnie Blue Loop, Plantation, Butler, Ray, Melanie, Hannah, Brook, Collins Lane, and all other streets in the area

May 4 – Highway 44 west of 127 Bypass & Bob-Link Golf Course: The Gardens, Nautical Chase, Briar Creek, and all other streets in the area

​Robert D. Goodlett, Mayor
​City of Lawrenceburg

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