Healing Field Being Renovated and Expanded

Located on Broadway near the front of the American Legion Park, the Lawrenceburg Healing Field was dedicated to Kentucky’s fallen servicemen and women in the War on Terrorism on November 4, 2007.  Now, almost nine years later, the healing field is being renovated and expanded to continue honoring Kentucky’s brave soldiers.

The field was developed and funded by the American Legion Auxiliary and the renovations will also be funded by them.  According to auxiliary president, Pam Brough, the landscaping around the field and the Veterans Wall is being redone, replacing dead plants and installing a concrete edging.

Within the main landscaping area around the flags and wall, new salt and pepper gravel will be used for mulching and a black gravel will be used within the field to help highlight the cross shaped platform within it.  There will also be concrete pads installed on each side of the field that will eventually be home to benches for families to enjoy while visiting the field.

The auxiliary is planning on spending around $45,000 on the new landscaping, much of which came from an account dedicated to the field.  They are using Jason Denny’s Clean Cut Lawn Care for the landscaping and Border Magic from Shepherdsville for the new concrete edging.  The upcoming annual Poker Run fundraiser, which will be held on May 14th at 12 pm, will help replenish the account along with donations, which can be sent to the Auxiliary at PO Box 114, Lawrenceburg.

They are planning for much of the work to be finished in a month’s time and before this year’s Memorial Day service, which will be held on May 29th at 3pm.  They are also hoping to do an opening day and invite the public to see all the updates and changes done to the field when it is finished.

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